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October 17, 2012
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Our goal is to help you maintain and improve your oral health.

To achive this goal, the dental care that you and your family recieves in our office always includes state of the art equiptment. Among the newest technologies is a small laser instrument called the DIAGNOdent, which scans your teeth with harmless laser light searching for hidden decay.

Locating hidden decay before it destroys tooth structure (from the inside out) is a major goal for modern dentistry. The widespread use of flouride supplements in dental materials, toothpastes and drinking water has made tooth surfaces harder and more resistant to decay. However, diagnosing cavaties beneath the hard surfaces is more challenging because the disease process can start through micorscopic defects in the hard surface enamel and can be readily spread into the softer tooth structure beneath the surface.

X-rays and probing with an explorer are lilited in detecting sub surface decay, particularly when the cavity is in its early stages. Fortunately, the new DIAGNOdent is a major breakthrough that allows the dentist to monitor the areas below the hard surfaces. The DIAGNOdent allows the dentist to locate hidden decay, and with treatment stop the spread of disease before it destroys the tooth from within.

This unique instrument provides instant feedback on the health of the tooth. A pen like probe simply glides over tooth surfaces constantly checking the health of the tooth. A number scale and an alarm signals the operator when there are signs of hidden decay. This new technology is completly safe and pain free.

We encourage regular dental check-ups, cleanings an home care. Early detection of problems minimize the expenses related to major tooth repair. New technologies take us a giant step forward to helping you achive the goal of minimally invasive dentistry.

October 10, 2012
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Stop the Grind bruxing & clenching treatments.


Does your jaw feel stiff or do you have difficulty opening your mouth wide? Are your teeth sensitive to cold drinks? Do your jaw muscles feel tired in the morning? You may be grinding your teeth at night ( a medical condition called Bruxism) or you may be clenching your teeth, which can be just as harmful. People with nighttime grinding habits may wear their tooth enamel"ten times faster" than those without"abusive chewing habits." Eventually, your teeth may be worn down and destroyed.

In addition to relieving head, neck, jaw joint and shoulder pains, treating bruxism and clenching is cost effective compared to ignoring the conditionand exposing teeth to continued grinding. Without treatment, crowns(caps),bridges, implants, and dentures are often needed to repair or replace worn or  damaged teeth.

October 03, 2012
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A good oral health program is the key to your childs future oral health.

  • Establish healthy brushing habits even when you are brushing for them.
  • Explain to them the importance of brushing twice a day.
  • Make sure they know that the longer you brush, the better it is for their teeth and gums.
  • Explain if they dont brush, plaque and germs will stick to their teeth and make them unhealthy.
  • Ask us about fluoride if your water supply is not fluoridated, or if your family uses purified water.

Inspire them to brush by making it fun and not a chore!

  • Find things to make it fun for them: play some music, have them brush their teeth first and praise them while they brush.
  • Make a chcklist or colorful sticker calander for your child to track their tooth-brushing habits.

As children begin to brush independently, make sure they brush effectively.

  • When it is time to transition your child to brushing their own, its more important to supervise the results.
  • Stay with them to watch how they hold on to the brush, and make sure they are brushing all those hard-to-reach areas.
  • Remember that younger children do not have the manual dexterity required to brush teeth effectively- so they still need you to take a look when they are through.

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