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August 27, 2012
Category: Sedation
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Nitrous Oxide is a sedative gas (commonly called "laughing gas") that you inhale through a small mask over your nose. It is a conscious anesthetic, so you are awake and can communicate throughout the dental procedure. It's one of the safest forms of sedation available today. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen at all times. The relaxed and disassociated feeling disappears soon after the gas is turned off. You can drive back to your home or office right away.

August 22, 2012
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Veneers  


Beautiful smile. Beautiful you.

By using a highly advanced technique, Lumineers can be places in just 2 easy visits without requiring shots or drilling of your sensitive tooth structure! Made from extraordinarily strong, patened Cerinate porcelain, Lumineers are clinically proven to maintain their radiance and integrity for over 20 years!! That durabillity improves the strength of your teeth. And, Lumineers are backed up by a limited lifetime warranty!

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August 15, 2012
Category: Payment Plans
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The Care you want!

With payment options made easier.*

CareCredit is here to make it easier to elp you manage your family's out-of-pocket healthcare expeses. The CareCredit healthcare credit card can be used as often as you want* at more than 150,000 enrolled healthcare practices for yourself, your family, even those other very specialfamily members - your pets!

Use it for Dental care, cosmetic treatments, trips to the veterinarian- CareCredit picks up where insurance leaves off. You can even use it for co-payments and deductibles. CareCredit helps you get the care now! without delaying! and provides payment options that make the most sense for you! :) 

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